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1000 'County' class introduction

Running numbers 1000 to 1029.

Built   1945-46          (1000 - 1019) to lot number 354,
         1946-47          (1020 - 1029) to lot number 358.

     As the 'Kings' were the final development of 'County' class No. 1015 County of Gloucesterthe 'Star' class, so the 'Counties' were the ultimate evolution of the 'Saint' locomotives within the 20 tons axle limit.

      It was said that F. W. Hawksworth, who designed the 'County' locomotives, intended the class to be an evolution of the 'Hall' class with 4 row superheaters. Instead, a new boiler was created, number 15, together with other new concepts for the Great Western including 6 feet 3 inch coupled wheel diameter, 280 pounds per square inch boiler pressure and a continuous splasher over the driving wheels. Initially the class would be numbered from 9900 but this was altered before assembly of the first locomotive. The power classification of the 'County' class was 6-MT, the G.W.R. power class was D and the route availability was RED.

Detail Alterations
    Commencing in 1956, the boiler pressure was reduced to 250 p.s.i due to worries of hammer blow damage to the track. A modified chimney and blastpipe was fitted to all members of the class between 1956 and 1959.

    No locomotives of the 'County' class were saved for preservation.


Cylinders (2) 18 x 30 inches Driving wheel diameter 6 feet 3 inches
Bogie wheel diameter 3 feet 0 inches Tractive Effort 32,580 pounds
Length 63 feet 0 inch Total Weight 125 tons 17 cwt.
Boiler type Number 15 Boiler maximum dia. 5 feet 8 3/8 inches
Boiler minimum dia. 5 feet 0 inches Fire tubes, no. and dia. 198 x 1 inches
Flue tubes, no. and dia. 21 x 5 1/8 inches Superheater tubes, no. and dia. 84 x 1 inch
Boiler pressure 280 lbs/square inch. Boiler length 12 feet 7 13/16 inches
Area of firegrate 28.84 square feet Heating surfaces, tubes 1,545 square feet
Heating surfaces, firebox 169 square feet Heating surfaces, superheater 254 square feet
Tender: water capacity 4000 gallons Tender: coal capacity 7 tons
GW Power Class D BR Power Classification 6-MT
Route Availability Red


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