Preserved BR Standard locomotives

Please note that the locations given below are as they were in September 2012 and therefore liable to have
changed. Contact the various railway centres with regards to locomotives on display and possible special events.

Note: ‡ indicates locomotives saved through Dai Woodham's yard at Barry
together with the order in which they left the the yard.
Locomotives marked
‡* were the last engines in the yard
and all were purchased for the Vale of Glamorgan Railway.

Number     Name Location   Number Location
'Brittania, class 7P'. Built 1951-54 (55 built). 4-6-2   'Class 4MT'. Built 1951-57 (155 built). 2-6-4T
70000   Brittania Southall Depot, London   80002 Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
70013  Oliver Cromwell Great Central Railway   80064‡34 Bluebell Railway
    80072‡203 Llangollen Railway
'Class 8P'.Built 1954. 4-6-0   80078‡84 Swanage Railway
71000  Duke of Gloucester‡53 East Lancashire Railway   80079‡13 Severn Valley Railway
    80080‡115 Midland Railway Centre
'Class 5MT'. Built 1951-57 (172 built).  4-6-0   80097‡162 East Lancashire Railway
75050  City of Peterborough Nene Valley Railway   80098‡157 Midland Railway Centre
73082   Camelot‡164 Bluebell Railway   80100‡94 Bluebell Railway
73096 ‡107 Mid Hants Railway   80104‡155 Swanage Railway
73129‡32 Midland Railway Centre   80105‡44 Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway
73156‡177 Great Central Railway   80135‡39 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
    80136‡102 Crewe Heritage Centre
'Class 4MT'. Built 1951-57 (80 built). 4-6-0   80150‡* Mid Hants Railway
75014‡121 Dartmouth Steam Railway   80151‡66 Bluebell Railway
75027 Bluebell Railway    
75029  The Green Knight North Yorkshire Moors Railway   'Class 9F'. Built 1954-60 (251 built). 2-10-0
75069‡37 Severn Valley Railway   92134‡116 Crewe Heritage Centre
75078‡21 Keighley & Worth Valley Railway   92203  Black Prince North Norfolk Railway
75079‡139 Mid Hants Railway   92207  Morning Star‡180 North Dorset Railway
    92212‡105 Mid Hants Railway
'Class 4MT'. Built 1952-57 (115 built). 2-6-0   92214‡117 North Yorkshire Moors Railway
76017‡46 Mid Hants Railway   92219‡163 Midland Railway Centre
76077‡186 Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway   92220  Evening Star National Railway Museum, York
76079  Castell Dinas Brân‡59 North Yorkshire Moors Railway   92240‡93 Bluebell Railway
76084‡143 Ian Storey Eng., Hepscott   92245‡* Barry Rail Centre
'Class 2MT'. Built 1952-56 (65 built). 2-6-0       NEW BUILD STEAM LOCOMOTIVES
78018‡97 Darlington North Rd Goods Shed   'Class 2MT'     (under construction)       2 - 6 - 2T
78019‡35 Great Central Railway   84030 built from 2-6-0 number 78059‡145 Bluebell Railway
78022‡67 Keighley & Worth Valley Railway    

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